Areas of expertise

Network security

  • Complex network solutions delivery.
  • Detection of network anomalies and information leaks.
  • Suspicious traffic analysis.
  • Configuration audit of hardware from major vendors.

Mobile security

  • Solutions in authorization, availability, non-repudiation areas.
  • Securing mobile applications to maintain high availability.
  • Providing a compromise between privacy and users activities audit.
  • Communication security.

Cloud security

  • Assurance of information security in shared environment.
  • Medical data security and legal requirements audit.
  • Security bottlenecks identification.
  • Solutions in high availability domain.

Application security

  • IAAA solutions delivery.
  • Security requirements analysis.
  • Technological and source codes audit.
  • Penetration tests.

Security services integration

  • Security architecture development.
  • Custom solutions delivery.
  • Integration of security services in multi systems environment.
  • Audit of multi vendor solutions.

Organization security

  • Security requirements analysis at strategic level.
  • Information security policy development.
  • Preparation for ISO 27001 implementation.
  • Development of classified information security procedures (incl. NATO/EU regulations).