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Research Department
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About the R&D Department

In the R&D Department of Cryptomage SA we employ specialists from several fields of research:

  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Telecommunications
  • Information security
  • Digital circuits

We use unique results-oriented methods of work. Many years of experience in scientific research have helped us to develop this approach so we are at the cutting edge of the industry and are able to effectively manage a team of scientists using modern methods of project management and the psychology of motivation. Our experience was gained during numerous research and development projects that enjoyed completed deployments, as well as during internships and research visits at the best research centers, including Silicon Valley, California (USA).

We have ambitious research goals that are correlated with the needs of our customers. Finally, we can observe the results of our work under real conditions, and not only in the laboratory.

Our offer includes brand new research contracts in our specialized fields, and to participate in interdisciplinary projects.


Krzysztof Szczypiorski

R&D Department Director

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CyberEye - we are exploring new mechanisms for anomaly detection in huge data streams, with the use of machine learning methods. Read more

CyberWalker - we are looking for effective methods of finding sources of network attacks.

CyberQuantum - we are creating cryptographic solutions that cannot be broken when using quantum computing.