Custom development

Custom solutions and mobile apps

Our team has extensive experience in building custom mission-critical solutions for startups, large enterprises and key government agencies.

Why us?

Cooperation with our company provides you with more than just the development of an IT solution. We provide the delivery of a whole business solution that solves your problems and meets your business needs. In addition, we do not forget about our customers at the end of the project. We provide constant technical support and experienced consultants to develop your solution and maximize your profits. 

We also provide:

  • A well organized software development process.
  • Experienced analysts.
  • Skilled engineering team.
  • Full responsibility for project success.

Areas of expertise

  • Full lifecycle of front-end and back-end solutions development.
  • Big data and data processing.
  • Building stable and scalable systems.
  • Machine learning and NLP.

How do we work

We cooperate in three models:

  • Comprehensive fixed price development.
  • Body-leasing (read more).
  • White label (treat us like we were part of your company).
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